From their humble, udderly delicious roadside diner, the Bells transform into a highly-trained fighting force, each with their own super-skills. In six action-packed adventures they grab the bull by the horns and defeat evil wherever it may be.

Episode 1: Nine Ten Don't

Sis hides the formula in their video game, but Dr. Malevolo hacks into the game. Trapped in the game, Mom and Dad must chase him down and beat him to the hardest level to save the formula.

Episode 2: Pop-Apocalypse

Bro is irritating the family with his pranks, so when Beatz shows up with a plan to hypnotise the city, the family doesn't believe Bro until it's too late. Now the The Bells must work together to stop Beatz in his tracks.

Episode 3: Volcanic Disruption

Strange echoes inside an active volcano lead The Bells to investigate. They discover that Dr X has a rocket aimed at the city, which he plans to launch if the city doesn't pay up. Now The Bells must use their skills to thwart his evil plans.

Episode 4: Evilcon

The entire SPIDER organisation is in town for their annual Evilcon convention. All their latest evil plans will be on show and stored on one nefarious device. The Bells need to get their hands on the device without causing a scene. Of course, things don't quite go to plan.

Episode 5: Warrior Complex

The Bells get wind of SPIDER's plans to build a super-weapon, the blueprints for which are suspected to be housed in a brand new high-tech building. The family must infiltrate the building and use their special skills to hunt down the blueprints.

Episode 6: Spy Camp

The Bells need to renew their spy license at Spy Camp and develop their skills, which means they all need to swop roles. The family learns to appreciate each other as they realise how special their skill set really are.

The Bells Adventures