From their humble, udderly delicious roadside diner, The Bells transform into a highly-trained fighting force, each with their own super-skills. In six action-packed adventures they grab the bull by the horns and defeat evil wherever it may be.

The Bells Family

When evil stampedes through the world, there's only one family that can grab the bull by the horns! The Bells are always ready to serve and protect.

Cowbell Run

Bring your best game and use your exceptional skills to help Ma Cow get out of a jam in the city by dodging milk barrels, collecting coins and escaping the evil clutches of the villainous Dr X. Game on!

Serve and Protect

Recruited by a shadowy organisation called TAURUS, trained in specialised skills to defeat the evil SPIDER organisation and protect the Cowbell - Our Milk - secret formula, the city and civilisation itself, The Bells are always on hand to grab the bull by the horns.